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Saša, Tin i Kedžo

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Active until  2004
Genre  Pop
Active from  2003
Albums  Instant
Saša, Tin i Kedžo Gdje su danas Saa Tin i Kedo Antena Zadar
Members  Damir Kedžo, Tin Samardžić
Similar  Maja Posavec, Renata Sabljak, Ivana Marić, Tomo in der Mühlen, Saša Lozar

Saša, Tin i Kedžo was the first Croatian boy band that is now disbanded. Its members were Saša Lozar, Tin Samardžić and Damir Kedžo, all finalists of the Story Supernova Music Talents, reality show aired on Nova TV in late 2003.


The band was first mentioned during the late stages show's series, and was formed based on its members popularity with the show's Croatian teen audience. All three were reportedly very unhappy about joining the band, but were contractually obliged. The band recorded one popular single, 365, then went on their only tour, on the Adriatic Coast in the summer of 2004. After 10 shows out of 29 scheduled, the tour was cancelled due to disagreements between the band and their managers.

Saša, Tin i Kedžo httpsiytimgcomviD6JJWvrDtq8hqdefaultjpg

Croatia Records published their album Instant in 2004, with thirteen songs written mostly by Boris Đurđević and Faruk Buljubašić. The album was panned by critics.

Saša, Tin i Kedžo Saa Tin Kedo

The band entered into the HRT Dora Eurosong pre-selection competition in February 2005.

Soon after the tour, the band's popularity decreased. The band members eventually parted company and the band ceased to exist.

Saša, Tin i Kedžo Saa Tin i Kedo prekinuli turneju nakon svae s menaderima Xmag

Saša Lozar

Saša, Tin i Kedžo Saa Tin i Kedo Zajedno nakon sto godina Antena Zagreb 2013

Saša Lozar, born 12 February 1980, was one of the four contestants to compete for the grand prize in the last episode of the talent show - the others were Nera Stipičević, Natalie Dizdar and the eventual winner Rafael Dropulić. In 2007 he recorded his solo debut, an album named 1 dan, with ten songs of old-school soul.

Tin Samardžić

Saša, Tin i Kedžo Saa tin kedo nita ili sve Vidbbcom music search engine

Tin Samardžić, born 1979, did not pursue a music career after the show or the band. In 2013, he was working as a hotel manager in Supetar.

Damir Kedžo

Damir Kedžo, born 24 May 1987 did pursue a music career, and in the summer of 2007 he won the local festival MIK (Melodije Istre i Kvarnera) and got the award for the best vocal act in the same festival. In 2008 he released an eponymous solo album. In 2011 he entered the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. He won the 2015 edition of New Wave.


Ništa Ili SveInstant · 2004
NeodoljivoInstant · 2004
Sve Što ŽelišInstant · 2004


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