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Type  Light Truck
Used by  Italy
Designed  1937
Place of origin  Italy
Wars  World War II
Manufacturer  FIAT

The SPA AS.37 was an Italian military light truck, used during World War II. The AS.37 Autocarro Sahariano was developed from 1937 on the frame of the TL.37 artillery tractor and was especially conceived to be employed in the North African desert. The most outstanding evolutions of this new vehicle were its autonomy by far higher than that of the tractor since it reached 900 km with vacuum, as well as the added water tanks. A.S.37 could transport 8 men and their equipment in its rear cargo box.


The military authorities did not judge the problem of desert vehicles urgent, FIAT, supported by Marshal Italo Balbo, Governor of Libya launched its own initiative which resulted in the A.S.37. The first 200 A.S.37 specimens were sent Libya in 1938 and were assigned to Commando LED the Sahara Libico and to Autogruppo della Tripolitania. Marshal Balbo wanted to use A.S.37's for the motorization of the Company Sahariane, which was to have 22 vehicles. In March 1942, 584 A.S.37 were in service, and by April 30, 1943 a total of 802 were in service in North Africa.

The crews of A.S.37 put forth very favourable judgements on these vehicles; their four-wheel drive and large diameter wheels prevented them from becoming easily bogged down. The A.S.37 principal defect lay in a silhouette too high and thus too visible.


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