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SMS Grosser Kurfürst

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SMS Grosser Kurfürst (Ger.orth:Großer Kurfürst) may refer to one of two vessels of the Imperial German Navy:

  • SMS Grosser Kurfürst, commissioned in 1875, one of Germany's first armored ships to be built in Germany.
  • SMS Grosser Kurfürst, commissioned in 1914, a battleship which served during World War I.
  • This name may also refer to:

  • SS Grosser Kurfürst, an ocean liner for North German Lloyd launched in 1899
  • Frederick William, Elector of Brandenburg, the Great Elector (German Großer Kurfürst), the namesake for these ships
  • Kurassier-Marsch, a Prussian military march.
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