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SIG Sauer SSG 3000

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Type  Sniper rifle
Used by  See Users
Weight  5.44 kg (11.99 lb)
Place of origin  Germany
Manufacturer  SIG Sauer
Length  1,180 mm (46.5 in)
SIG Sauer SSG 3000

The SIG Sauer SSG 3000 Patrol is a bolt-action, magazine fed rifle chambered in 7.62×51mm NATO. It was developed in Germany. It is a common law enforcement sniper rifle in both Europe and the United States. The SSG 3000 was developed by SIG Sauer GMBH and is well renowned for its high quality.

It comes in two barrel lengths either 18" or 23.5". The Patrol models action is imported from Germany and mated to a USA made stock by SIG Sauer, NH.


  •  Argentina: Used by Grupo Albatros
  •  Chile: Used by Army of Chile
  •  Colombia
  •  Czech Republic: Used by Czech Police
  •  Egypt: Used by Unit 777
  •  India: Used by the National Security Guard.
  •  Norway: Used by the Emergency Response Unit).
  •  Slovakia: Used by the Slovak Police Útvar Osobitného Určenia ("special assignments unit").
  •  South Korea: Used by the Republic of Korea Marine Corps.
  •  Thailand: Used by Royal Thai Army
  •  Turkey: Used by Special Forces.
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