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SAM Colombia Flight 501

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Passengers  125
Fatalities  132
Date  19 May 1993
Operator  SAM Colombia
Passenger count  125
Crew  7
Survivors  0
Number of deaths  132
Survivor  0
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Summary  Controlled flight into terrain due to pilot & ATC errors
Site  Mt. Paramo Frontino, near Medellín, Colombia
Locations  Colombia, Páramo de Frontino
Similar  China Northern Airlines Fl, 1993 Tehran mid‑air co, Avioimpex Flight 110, China Eastern Airlines Fl, China Northwest Airlines Fl

SAM Colombia Flight 501 was a SAM Colombia Boeing 727-46 that crashed on May 19, 1993, killing all 132 on board, including several Panamanian dentists on their way to a convention. The crew reported over the Abejorral NDB beacon at FL160, approaching Medellín. The flight was then cleared to descend to FL120. The 727 had actually not yet reached the beacon, and descended into mountainous terrain. The flight struck Mount Paramo Frontino at 12,300 feet. Thunderstorm activity in the area made ADF navigation more difficult and the Medellín VOR/DME had been attacked by terrorists and was unserviceable.


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