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Rostam (name)

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Gender  Male
Variant form(s)  Rustem, Rüstem
Word/name  Persian

Rostam or Rustam or Rostom (Persian: رستم‎‎) is a name referring to the Persian mythical hero Rostam who was immortalized by the poet Ferdowsi in the Shahnameh (Book of Kings). It has been commonly used as a male Persian given name, and may refer to the following people:

Given name

  • Rostom Aramovic Alagian (1916–2009), Georgian musician
  • Rustam Asildarov (born 1981), leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant – Caucasus Province
  • Rostam Aziz (born 1960), Tanzanian politician and businessman
  • Rostom Bagrationi (born 1855), Georgian nobleman
  • Rostam Bastuni (1923–1994), first Israeli-Arab politician
  • Rostam Batmanglij (born 1983), American music producer and multi-instrumentalist
  • Rustam Effendi (1903–1979), Indonesian writer and member of the House of Representatives of the Netherlands
  • Rostam Farrokhzād (died 636), Iranian commander who died in the battle of Qadisiyya
  • Rostam Ghasemi (born 1964), Iranian military officer and politician
  • Rostam Gorgani (fl. 1550), Persian physician who lived in India
  • Rustam Ibragimbekov (born 1939), Azeri screenwriter and film director
  • Rostom of Imereti (1571–1605), Georgian king
  • Rostom of Kartli (1565-1658), Iranian-Georgian king and military general
  • Rustam Kasimdzhanov (born 1979), Uzbek chess master
  • Rustam Khan Khoyski (1888–1948), Azerbaijani statesman
  • Rustam Khudzhamov (born 1982), Ukrainian footballer
  • Rustam Khudiyev (born 1985), Kazakh swimmer
  • Rostom Madatyan (1782-1829), Armenian-Russian general
  • Rustam Minnikhanov (born 1957), Russian politician, current Prime Minister of Tataristan
  • Rostam Mirlashari (born 1960), Iranian musician
  • Rustam Rahimov (born 1979), German-Tajik boxer
  • Roustam Raza (c. 1780–1845), famous bodyguard of Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Rustam Khan (Saakadze) (c. 1588 – 1 March 1643), Iranian-Georgian military commander
  • Rostam K. Saeed (born 1964), Kurdish mathematician and professor from Iraq
  • Rustam Saidov (born 1978), Uzbek boxer
  • Rustam Sharipov (born 1971), Ukrainian gymnast
  • Rustam Sutan Palindih (1898–1971), Indonesian film director and writer
  • Roustam Tariko (born 1962), Russian entrepreneur
  • Rustam Temirgaliev (born 1976), Crimean politician
  • Röstäm Yaxin (1921–1993), Russian composer and pianist
  • Rustam (Haqqani network), Afghan alleged Taliban militant
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