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Rosso relativo (song)

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Released  July 6, 2002
Length  4:00
Writer(s)  Tiziano Ferro
Genre  Pop, R&B, Rap
Label  EMI
Format  CD single, digital download

"Rosso relativo" is a song written by Italian pop singer Tiziano Ferro. It was released as the fourth single from his first album Rosso Relativo (2002). Although the lyrics seem to talk about sex, Tiziano Ferro admits that the real theme of the song is the conflictual relationship that he has with food. It should be recalled that the singer before he became famous was obese. In the song is repeated several times the name "Paola". Paola is the name of Tiziano's cousin.

Formats and track listings

CDS - Rosso relativo (Italy)
  1. Rosso relativo
  2. Perdono (English version)
  3. Perdono (French version)
  4. Perdona (Spanish version)
  5. Rosso relativo (Videoclip)
CDS - Rojo relativo (Spain)
  1. Rojo relativo
CDS - Rosso relativo (Germany)
  1. Rosso relativo (Italian album version)
  2. Rosso relativo (Signatibet Remix)
  3. Rosso relativo (Ghost production dance remix)
CDS - Rosso relativo (France)
  1. Rosso relativo (Italian version)
  2. Rosso relativo (French version)
CDS - Rosso relativo (Mexico)
  1. Rojo Relativo
  2. Rojo Relativo (Remix 1)
  3. Rojo Relativo (Remix 2)
  4. Rojo Relativo (Remix 3)
CDS - Promo Mexico & Video (Mexico)
  1. Perdona
  2. Alucinado
  3. Rojo relativo
  4. Las cosas que no dices
  5. Perverso (Spanish version)
  6. Alucinado (Italian version)
  7. Perverso (Italian version)
Download digital
  1. Rosso relativo (Italian version)
  2. Rojo relativo (Spanish version)
  3. Romance relativo (Portuguese version)


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