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Rosehill, New Zealand

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Local authority  Auckland Council
Population  3,036 (2006)
South  Drury
East  Red Hill, New Zealand
Southwest  Opaheke
Northeast  Papakura
Electoral ward  Manurewa-Papakura Ward
Train station(s)  Papakura Train Station
North  Pahurehure
Southeast  Drury
Northwest  Karaka

Rosehill is a suburb of Auckland, in northern New Zealand. Located to the south of Pahurehure, under authority of the Auckland Council. The suburb makes up the southernmost part of the Auckland metropolitan area, and is located in the Manurewa-Papakura ward, one of the thirteen administrative divisions of Auckland city.


Map of Rosehill, Papakura, New Zealand


Until recently, Rosehill was not recognised as an independent suburb. The previous area was referred to as a small area of greater Papakura, but has now developed into a separate suburban area, stretching from south of Beach Road moving down to Park Estate Road, on the eastern border of the Auckland Southern Motorway and including the area to the west of Liverpool Street as well as conjoining Opaheke Road down to Graham Tagg Park inclusive.

During the major reformation of local government in 1989, the Rosehill area was included into the Papakura District boundaries.

In 2010, after a review of the Royal Commission on Auckland Governance, the entire Auckland Region was amalgamated into a single city authority. As well as the former Papakura District, all other territorial authorities were merged into a single Auckland Council. The suburb of Rosehill is part of the Manurewa-Papakura ward.


The most common ethnic group in Rosehill is European as at 2006, with 53.2 percent. Maori residents make up 32.5 percent of the suburb, and Pacific peoples consisting of 13.9 percent, as well as 9.7 percent being of Asian ethnicity. According to the 2006 New Zealand census, (for residents aged 15 years and older) the most common occupational group in Rosehill is 'Technicians and trade workers', and the least common group is 'Community and personal service workers', with an unemployment rate of 7.9 percent of the Rosehill population.


The Auckland Southern Motorway runs off the western border of Rosehill, with the main Great South Road travelling through the centre of the suburb. Train and bus services provide the bulk of public transport in the Papakura Town Centre, just to the northwest of Rosehill.


Rosehill has 2 skate parks, and a special education school. With a mixture or rural and urban living, the area is home to Kirk's Bush (a large forestry area), Graham Tagg Park.


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