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Rookies' Diary

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First episode date  2 July 2010
Language  Taiwanese
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Rookie´s Diary is a novel created in Taiwan. It has a total of 43 episodes of approximately 1 hour each. It aired from July 2, 2010 to April 22,2011. Its genre is comedy and it is about the military. The novel is about how a group of teenagers trains in the military office for 36 days. During these 36 days, they work really hard. They made new friends and had lot of fun. Even though, they still worked hard and became more mature when they left the military service of 36 days. The director of the novel is named Wang Wei. He is a really successful Taiwanese director around the world.


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This novel had a second season, in which some of the teenagers made a further military service at a higher level. In this military service, training was a lot harder and as you watched more you laughed more. As mentioned before, it is a comedy so during the novel there were a lot of scenes in which the actors made you laugh until you cry.

Rookies' Diary Rookies39 Diary Episode 32 Reflections

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Rookies' Diary doramax264comwpcontentuploads201403RookiesD
  • Li Xing Wen as Ding Hao
  • Yao Yuan Hao as Sun An Bang
  • Liu Xiang Ci as Wang Sheng Nan
  • Huang Di Jun as Jin Bi Ying
  • Zhao Jun Ya as Wang Wei
  • Pang Yong Zhi as Xu Shan Ren
  • Lin Ruo Ya as Qiu Jing Wen
  • Jacky Zhu as Xu Jia Cheng
  • Rookies

    Rookies' Diary Diary 2
  • Tang Jia Hao as Luo Gang
  • Fu Zi Chun as Yang Hai Shen
  • Chen De Lie as Lin Bo Wen
  • Lin Dao Yuan as Lai Hu
  • Xie Zheng Hao as Cai Hao Zhi
  • Chen Wen Xiang as Qiu You Shun
  • Pan Bo Xi as Shi Jun
  • Qian Jun Zhong as Ye Da Tong
  • Xia Zheng Feng as Wu Yong
  • A Gan as Chen Tian Bin
  • Ai Cheng as Xiao De Ji
  • Others

    Rookies' Diary Frugal Introvert39s Diary
  • Kelly Pai as Tian Xing
  • Su Yan Pei as Cai Zhen Zhu
  • Zhang Jia Xin as Liu Su Qing
  • Akio Chen as Luo Dao Chun
  • Zhang Qin as Shen Gui Mei
  • Lin Yi Fang as Lai Mu Chun
  • Mei Fang as Gu Zhui Ma
  • Lin Mie Zhao as Shen Mei Yu
  • Chen Bo Zheng as Cai Zhen Cai
  • Ye Jia Yu as Zheng Yu Ting
  • Chen Bo Han as A Hou
  • Li Jia Wen as Di Qiu
  • Tang Zhen as Yan Xiao Rou
  • Achel Chang as Ye Xiao Yan
  • Yue Hong as Zheng Yu Que
  • Liu Xiao Yi Huang Li Hong
  • Du Shi Mei as Jian Pu Pu
  • Li Guo Chao as Li Ming Jie
  • Chen Ming Wei as Chen Hao Nan
  • Yang Li Yin as Yan Xiu Ru

  • Rookies' Diary Rookies39 Diary


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