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Rong County, Guangxi

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Simplified Chinese  容县
Hanyu Pinyin  Róngxìan
Postal  Junghsien
Wade–Giles  Jung-hsien

Rongxian (Chinese: 容县; pinyin: Róngxiàn; also called Rong Xian or Rong County) is a county in Yulin, in the autonomous region of Guangxi, in southern China. Its population is approximately 700,000.[1]


Map of Rongxian, Yulin, Guangxi, China

Duqiao Mountain (都峤山), located in Rongxian, is a famous Taoist sanctuary.[2] Other tourist sites include the Zhenwu Pavilion (真武阁).


  • Luoyang–Zhanjiang Railway
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