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Romano Greek language

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Native to  Greece
ISO 639-3  rge
Language family  mixed Romani–Greek
Glottolog  roma1240
Native speakers  None 30 use it as a secret language (2000)
Dialects  Dortika (in Eurytania) Kaliarda (in Athens)

Romano-Greek (also referred to as Hellenoromani; Greek: Ελληνο-ρομανική) is a nearly extinct mixed language (referred to as Para-Romani in Romani linguistics), spoken by the Romani people in Greece that arose from language contact between Romani speaking people and the Greek language. The language is expected to be a secret language spoken in Thessaly and Central Greece Administrative Unit. Typologically the language is structured on Greek with heavy lexical borrowing from Romani. Related variants of this language are Dortika. Dortika is a secret language spoken mainly in Athens by traveling builders from Eurytania Prefecture. In both cases, the languages are most likely not native to their speakers.


Romano-Greek language Wikipedia

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