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Romain Garnier

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Romain Garnier

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Romain Garnier is a French linguist and writer, specialized in Indo-European linguistics. He teaches since 2005 at the University of Limoges. He was the recipient of the Prix Emile Benveniste in 2010.

He has authored more than 20 articles and one book on Indo-European linguistics. His research focuses on the reconstruction of the Indo-European verbal system and constitutes a continuation to Saussure preliminary work.

He has solved several long-standing etymological puzzles; in particular, he proposed a convincing etymology for Greek ἄνθρωπος "man".

He also published a first novel entitled L'Héritage de Glace in 2010.

Major publications


  • 2004. Thèmes grecs, Ophrys, 224 pages (book written with Lucien Pernée)
  • 2007. « Nouvelles réflexions étymologiques autour du grec ἄνθρωπος » Bulletin de la Société de Linguistique de Paris 102/1, 2007, 131—154.
  • 2008. Textes épiques sanskrits, 225 pages
  • 2010. Sur le vocalisme radical du verbe Latin, Innsbruck 2010, IBS 134, 519 pages
  • Novels:

  • 2010 L'Héritage de Glace, Paris, Plon. ISBN 2259211194
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