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Rolls Royce Experimental Machine Gun

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Type  Heavy machine gun
In service  Prototype only
Designed  1940-42
Place of origin  United Kingdom
Wars  World War II
Calibre  .50 in (12.7 mm)

The Rolls-Royce Experimental Machine Gun was a prototype British heavy machine gun, designed by Rolls-Royce during World War II.

Rolls-Royce commenced design of a heavy machine gun in early 1940, intended for use in aircraft. The result was a recoil operated weapon firing .50 Browning cartridges. This was evaluated in March 1941 and proved prone to stoppages. A revised gas-operated weapon was designed and built to try and solve these problems.

As well as the .50 inch versions, it was planned to modify the gas operated gun to fire the more powerful .55 inch ammunition used in the Boys anti-tank rifle. All work on the Rolls-Royce machine guns was abandoned in 1942.


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