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Roller Coaster (Dai Nam Van Hien)

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Status  Operating
Type  Steel
Drop  30 m (98 ft)
Max speed  75 km/h
Opened  11 September 2008
Park  Dai Nam Van Hien
Opening date  11 September 2008
Lift/launch system  Chain lift
Height  34 m
Height restriction  1.37 m
G-force  4 g
Cost  1.193 million USD
Manufacturer  Hebei Zhongye Metallurgical Equipment

Roller Coaster (Vietnamese: Tàu Lộn Vòng Siêu Tốc) is a steel roller coaster located at Đại Nam Văn Hiến in Bình Dương, Vietnam. The ride was built in late 2008. Currently it is the tallest and fastest roller coaster, and the one with the most inversions, in Vietnam.

Except for the second loop the ride is almost an exact duplicate of a similar roller coaster at Dam Sen Cultural Park.

Ride experience

The ride begins with a small drop, before the trains make a sharp U-turn to the right. Riders immediately climb the lift hill . Trains again make a small drop, and another turn to the right, this is followed by a 27-metre drop. Trains then go through the double loop, the first of its kind in Vietnam. Then comes a double corkscrew, inverting the riders twice. Riders experience another large turn before coming to a stop.


Roller Coaster (Dai Nam Van Hien) Wikipedia

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