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Rolando (given name)

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Gender  male
Related names  Roland
Region of origin  Spain, Italy, Portugal
Meaning  Famous throughout the land

Rolando is a Spanish, Italian and Portuguese variant of Roland. The name appears most frequently as a Spanish given name. It originates from the ancient meaning of "Famous throughout the land". Its presence is said to be from Spain, however it has also been used in Italy, sometimes as a surname. Similar names would be Roland.



  • Rolando (footballer) (born 1985), Rolando Jorge Pires da Fonseca
  • Rolando Aarons (born 1995), English footballer
  • Rolando Bianchi (born 1983), Italian footballer
  • Rolando Blackman (born 1959) American basketball player
  • Rolando Cruz (born 1939), Puerto Rican pole vaulter
  • Rolando Fonseca (born 1974), Costa Rican footballer
  • Rolando Garibotti, Argentinian-American climber
  • Rolando Jurquin (born 1987), volleyball player
  • Rolando McClain (born 1989), American football linebacker
  • Rolando Perez, American mixed martial artist
  • Rolando Z├írate (born 1978), Argentine football player
  • Rolando Rojo (born 1976), Chilean - Canadian Office Worker and dedicated father
  • Edson Rolando Silva Sousa (born 1983), Portuguese footballer
  • Businesspeople

  • Rolando Gonzalez-Bunster (born c. 1949), US-based Argentine businessman
  • Entertainers

  • Rolando Molina (born 1971), American actor
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