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Rokusei Senjutsu

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The Rokusei Senjutsu (六星占術, Six-Star Astrology) is a kind of Chinese astrology and a handy approximation of the Four Pillars of Destiny.

The Four Pillars of Destiny is too complicated and difficult for everyday use, consequently this approximation was introduced in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Contents and Definitions

  • Dosei Jin (土星人, The first class)
  • The births with their birthday's Sexagenary cycles (in Chinese calendar) 甲子 , 乙丑 , 丙寅 , 丁卯 , 戊辰 , 己巳 , 庚午 , 辛未 , 壬申 , 癸酉 They have the common Kū-Bō (空亡, The cyclic suspencions of working) terms. The KūBōs(We often call Ten Tyū Satsu (天冲殺)) are Dog 戌 and Pig 亥. In the line we have no 戌 nor 亥.
  • Kinsei Jin (金星人, The second class)
  • 甲戌 , 乙亥 , 丙子 , 丁丑 , 戊寅 , 己卯 , 庚辰 , 辛巳 , 壬午 , 癸未 The KūBōs are Monkey 申 and Rooster 酉.
  • Kasei Jin (火星人, The third class)
  • 甲申 , 乙酉 , 丙戌 , 丁亥 , 戊子 , 己丑 , 庚寅 , 辛卯 , 壬辰 , 癸巳 The KūBōs are Horse 午 and Goat 未.
  • Tennōsei Jin (天王星人, The fourth class)
  • 甲午 , 乙未 , 丙申 , 丁酉 , 戊戌 , 己亥 , 庚子 , 辛丑 , 壬寅 , 癸卯 The KūBōs are Dragon 辰 and Snake 巳.
  • Mokusei Jin (木星人, The fifth class)
  • 甲辰 , 乙巳 , 丙午 , 丁未 , 戊申 , 己酉 , 庚戌 , 辛亥 , 壬子 , 癸丑 The KūBōs are Tiger 寅 and Rabbit 卯.
  • Suisei Jin (水星人, The sixth class)
  • 甲寅 , 乙卯 , 丙辰 , 丁巳 , 戊午 , 己未 , 庚申 , 辛酉 , 壬戌 , 癸亥 The KūBōs are Rat 子 and Ox 丑.

    The name Dosei Jin has no relationship with Saturn. The each KūBōs of 戌 and 亥 consists of 辛丁戊 and 戊甲壬; their main element is 戊, belonging to the Soil or Earth in Wu Xing.


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