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Robert J Elliott

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Robert Elliott


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University of Oxford, University of Cambridge

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Mathematics of financial markets, Stochastic calculus and appli, Hidden Markov Models: E, Binomial Models in Finance, Viscosity Solutions and Opti

Robert James Elliott (born 1940) is a British-Canadian mathematician, known for his contributions to control theory, game theory, stochastic processes and mathematical finance.

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He was schooled at Swanwick, Derbyshire and studied mathematics in which he earn a B.A. (1961) and M.A. (1965) at the University of Oxford, as well as a Ph.D (thesis Some results in spectral synthesis advised by John Hunter Williamson, 1965) and Sc.D. (1983) from University of Cambridge. He taught and conducted research at University of Newcastle (1964), Yale University (1965–66), University of Oxford (1966–68), University of Warwick (1969–73), Northwestern University (1972–73), University of Hull (1973–86), University of Alberta (1985-2001), University of Calgary (2001-2009) and University of Adelaide (2009-2013).

He is the cousin of physicist Roger James Elliott.


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