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Kingdom  Animalia
Phylum  Arthropoda
Rank  Family
Superfamily  Curculionoidea
Higher classification  Weevil
Order  Beetle
Rhynchitidae Byctiscus betulae male Rhynchitidae A Notable B species Flickr
Similar  Beetle, Insect, Apionidae, Anthribidae, Weevil

The tooth-nosed snout weevils, Rhynchitidae, are small beetles (1.5 to 6.5 mm) that are usually found vegetation. They usually use buds, fruits, or seeds for oviposition. The tooth-nosed snout weevils receive this name due to the teeth on the edges of their mandibles.

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Traditionally considered a subfamily of Attelabidae within the Curculionoidea (weevils and relatives), the tooth-nosed snout weevils are regarded as a separate family Rhynchitidae by some authorities.

Rhynchitidae Photo overview Rhynchitidae toothnosed snout beetles of Germany

A common member of this group is the rose curculio, Merhynchites bicolor, which feeds on roses.

A number of species from Rhynchitidae are recorded from Britain.

The thief weevil, Pterocolus ovatus, is the only pterocoline (subfamily Pterocolinae) known from North America. It is an obligate egg predator and nidus kleptoparasite (nest thief) of some beetles in the family Attelabidae.

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Selected genera

  • Auletobius
  • Byctiscus
  • Deporaus
  • Merhynchites
  • Pterocolus
  • Rhynchites

  • Rhynchitidae Rhynchitidae Wikipdia
    Rhynchitidae Cimberis Dyodirhynchus Pselaphorhynchites Lasiorhynchites


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