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Remake Italy

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Remake Italy

Matteo Orfini Andrea Orlando Roberto Gualtieri

Social democracy Democratic socialism

Remake Italy (Rifare l'Italia), whose members are known as Young Turks (Giovani Turchi), is a social-democratic and, to some extent, democratic-socialist faction within the Democratic Party (PD), a political party in Italy. Its main members include or have included Matteo Orfini, Stefano Fassina, Andrea Orlando, Maurizio Martina, Roberto Gualtieri, Francesco Verducci and Fausto Raciti. The faction's leader, Orfini, has served as the PD's president since June 2014.

The group was originally formed in 2010, but became an effective faction only with the formation of the association named "Remake Italy" in 2011. Mostly former Democrats of the Left, young Dalemiani and anti-New Labour social-democrats, the Young Turks opposed Mario Monti's government and the rise within the party of Matteo Renzi, a reformer and darling of the party's liberals. They were thus long-time supporters of Pier Luigi Bersani during his four years as party leader (2009–2013): Orfini and Fassina were members of his political secretariat, while Orlando was the party's spokesperson.

After the 2013 general election, in which 4.5% of party elects were affiliated to the faction, and its aftermath, the Young Turks were disappointed by Bersani and, motivated by a generational drive, started to approach Renzi. During the 2013 leadership election they supported Gianni Cuperlo, but since 2014 started to support Renzi.

In February 2014 Renzi appointed Orlando and Martina ministers in his government, respectively at Justice and Agricolture, while in June Orfini was elected party president on Renzi's proposal. The faction continued to exist under the leadership of Orfini, while Orlando, Martina and Fassina were less involved or distanced from it: Orlando focused on his high-profile government job, Martina was a founding member of Left is Change, and Fassina left the party altogether.

In the run-up of the 2017 leadership election, Orlando decided to run for secretary against Renzi and most of the faction followed him, while Orfini silently (as party president) supported Renzi, along with Martina's Left is Change faction. Orlando was notably endorsed by Cesare Damiano and Anna Finocchiaro (Left is Change).


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