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Rehthea (Twitch Star)

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Rehthea, who was born as Heather Bozek, is an online gamer who is the most popular game streaming platform - Twitch. Although Rehthea has only about 284 hours+ and about 35 streamed hours+ on her Twitch channel, she has a massive fan and follower base of around 23,841 (and counting) currently as of 2021. She usually streams extremely obscure and not so well known video games that explore the diverse genres of action, adventure, fantasy and horror. She believes that with her gaming skills, she can break the societal baggage of being a female in the gaming industry, and bring about awareness and change among her followers about a diverse range of games. 



  • She is an animal lover and has a compassionate side to her. Rehthea has a brown pet dog, a rescused pitbull, named Lara. She also has a cat named Sharlo, someone she also refers to as Lord Hefty in her social media posts.
  • She has a natural auburn hair. People have always asked her if it’s real. She has been posed with this question on many of her social media handles.
  • Even though her hair is naturally flaming auburn, she likes the experiment with her hair. Her hair currently is dyed silver and green.
  • Rehthea and her sister got Pokemon tattoos together. Rehthea’s tattoo is her of her absolute favourite Pokemon Pontya, the fire horse.
  • She also has a cute fruit bat tattoo that she refers to as “Batthew”
  • Rehthea is often seen dressing up in different avatars, along with her colleagues and friends at the Art department at her work. They have dressed up as many baseball players, but among them Alivin and the Chipmunks is the most notable.
  • She has her interests in photography as well. To promote her art and creative side, she has a photography page on Instagram called Heather Bozek Photography.


Rehthea can be found on Twitch mainly. But she also has her own Twitter account and an Instagram handle, where she mostly interacts with her fans and followers. She is most popular on the game streaming platform Twitch where she refers to herself as The Alien Queen and her fan base and followers are called Alien Hive. This is inspired from the character of The Matriarch from the 2010 video game Aliens vs. Predator.

She also has a YouTube channel by her name where she uploads videos of her gaming streams as well as gadget reviews related to gaming.

Rehthea has streamed games such as Phasmophobia, which is an investigative game in the horror genre, developed and published by Indie Game Studio, Kinetic Games. The game became available in early access through Steam for Microsoft Windows with virtual reality support in September 2020. She has also streamed No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle which is an action hack-and-slash game with excessive blood, violence and gore, including extremely disturbing elements such as decapitation and dismemberment. She was one of the few people who made content based on this video game. She has also done live streams of My Friend is a Raven and No More Heroes. My Friend is a Raven is beautifully illustrated dark video game where you have to play as Lutum, the last man alive after a devastating plague has swept the earth clean. Lutum returns to his apartment one last time in search of a sickened Raven and must speak to him in order to find out how the calamity spread. No More Heroes on the other hand is a 2007 action hack-and-slash video game. It is an earlier version of More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle.


Rehthea has a younger sister with whom she is very close to. However, she lives alone with her fur babies. She also posts pictures and videos of them on her handles.


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