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Rays (Michael Nesmith album)

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Released  2006
Release date  2006
Label  Pacific Arts Corporation
Artist  Michael Nesmith
Producer  Michael Nesmith
Genre  Rock music
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Rays (2006)  Movies Of The Mind (2014)
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Rays is an album by Michael Nesmith, originally released in a limited edition of 100 in November 2005, then later released in an unlimited edition in April 2006. Nesmith described the album as a cinematic journey of sound with elements of swing, jazz and instrumental funk that forms what he calls "New Century Modern".


The album cover is a comic strip drawn by Drew Friedman and features Nesmith "driving" through five stages of his life with a quest to looking to fill his "appetite": 1) His earlier career in The Monkees, where he is seen driving a Pontiac GTO and wearing his signature knit-cap; 2) His career as the frontman of the First National Band, driving a Jeep; 3) His Elephant Parts-era career, where he is seen driving a pink Cadillac (referring to his song, Eldorado to the Moon); 4) His later life as an author, entrepreneur and philanthropist, driving a Rolls Royce and asking, "where am I?"; 5) And in the center of the cartoon, Nesmith is sitting peacefully under a tree on a hill, content with himself, stating, "suddenly, I’m not as hungry as I’d thought".

Track listing

All songs written by Michael Nesmith.

  1. "Zip Ribbon" – 3:05
  2. "Dynaflow" – 4:11
  3. "Friedrider " – 3:08
  4. "Carhop" – 3:58
  5. "Boomcar" – 3:43
  6. "Best of It" – 2:29
  7. "Ed's October Café" – 3:18
  8. "Rays" – 3:37
  9. "Bells" – 4:28
  10. "Land o Pies" – 2:50
  11. "There It Is" – 3:40
  12. "Follows the Heart" – 3:12


  • Michael Nesmith – vocals, synthesizer, guitar, keyboards
  • Gregg Bisonette - drums
  • Luis Conte – percussion
  • John Hobbs – keyboards, keyboard bass
  • Kurt Wagner – vocals
  • Production notes

  • Michael Nesmith – producer, engineer, sampling, technician
  • Richard Bryant – engineer, technician
  • Drew Friedman – text, cover art
  • Michael MacDonald – engineer, technician
  • Songs

    1Zip Ribbon


    Rays (Michael Nesmith album) Wikipedia

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