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Raw Danger!

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Producer(s)  Kazuma Kujo
Mode(s)  Single-player
Developer  Irem
Series  Disaster Report
Publishers  Agetec, 505 Games
7.5/10 IGN

Composer(s)  Tomoyuki Kawamura
Initial release date  30 March 2006
Genre  Action-adventure game
Platform  PlayStation 2
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Raw Danger!, known in Japan as Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 2: Itetsuita Kiokutachi (絶体絶命都市2 -凍てついた記憶たち-, lit. The Desperate City 2: Frozen Memories) is an action adventure survival game for the PlayStation 2 that was first released on March 30, 2006 in Japan by Irem, and later internationally in 2007 by Agetec. The game follows six characters as they try to escape a city that is being flooded by torrential rains.


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The game is a sequel to Disaster Report. A further sequel, Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 3: Kowareyuku Machi to Kanojo no Uta, was released exclusively in Japan and South Korea for the PSP on April 23, 2009. Like a previous series, the game was slightly modified for the Western release and make it more suitable for the US release.

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Raw Danger! Hardcore Gaming 101 Zettai Zetsumei Toshi Disaster Report SOS

Players must think on their feet and utilize creative survival skills to have any hope of seeing their family again. Body temperature and health decrease when players are wet or in cold weather too long. They must find places to warm themselves and gather food, and find dry clothes or make them. In the end, players must run, climb, jump, and crawl their way out of this devastated city, while constantly trying to piece together information from emergency broadcasts and other victims of the disaster.

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The choices that the players make within the game affects the main storyline and dialog, and ultimately the ending of the game.


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The year is 2010. The underground city, Geo City (Tomisakashi in Japan), located beneath the thriving city of Del Ray, is a project put together to design the safest and most advanced city ever built in the world. The newly opened city is working great and the Mayor's Conference to commemorate the opening is going well, aside from a bit of rain outside. Joshua and Stephanie are just two of the waiters helping make the conference go as smoothly as possible. But, when the nearby levee breaks and the Hudson River begins to flood the city from above, the building the conference is being held in begins to be pummeled and destroyed by the raging rapids. The city and everyone in it are in total panic and turmoil.


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This game is able to interface with the Konami Para Para Paradise controller. This allows the player to design their own hand movements to be used when summoning rescuers. Players may also use the controller to simulate the "fireman carry", used to move unconsciousfuc k characters.


  • Joshua Harwell, known as Kazuya Shinohara in Japan, is a college student working as a waiter at the Geo City Inaugural Ceremony Banquet when disaster struck. After the flooding starts Joshua is trapped in the banquet hall basement with another worker named Stephanie McMurrough. After promising to look after her, Joshua takes her along with him to escape the ill-fated city. His best ending has him and Stephanie escaping with her father on a helicopter.
  • Stephanie McMurrough, known as Haruka Fujimiya in Japan, is a college student working part-time as a waitress at the "Geo City Inaugural Ceremony Banquet". When the flooding starts, Stephanie gets trapped in the banquet hall basement, only to be rescued by Joshua. She tags along with him, going through many hardships along the way. Stephanie likes to be self-sufficient, even though her family is very wealthy.
  • Amber Brazil, known as Yuko Saeki in Japan, is a university student as well as a suspect for murder. She arrived at her brother's crime scene right before the murderer fled. Because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time, she is the prime suspect and is being held prisoner in the Del Ray Police Station. She broke out, however, when the Del Ray Police Station collapsed. Her best ending has her save Aidan, and have him sent to prison, while she recovers a data disk with information about Enchida.
  • Aidan Chase, known as Toru Aoyama in Japan, is Goldstein's assistant. After the city began to flood, Aidan met Amber Brazil and saved her from the ongoing chases from the police. He later joins her to escape the city, survive, and to figure out the truth behind David Brazil's (Amber's brother), murder. It is later revealed that he was the one who murdered David. The player can cause his death or let him live so he can go to prison.
  • Isaac Schiller, known as Akira Tsuge in Japan, is a thirty-six-year-old taxi driver who hears about the "Geo City Inaugural Ceremony Banquet" from some customers inside a convenience store. He later meets Sophia Briggs in Downtown Del Ray when she asks for a ride in his car. He and Sophia must escape the city and uncover the mystery behind NorCal's ambitions. His best ending has Isaac meet Keith Helm, and drive out of the city with Sophia.
  • Sophia Briggs, known as Ryoko Honda in Japan, is a reporter for Capital Weekly magazine. She was writing a cover story on the Geo City Inaugural Banquet before disaster struck and the whole city went topsy turvy. Before the flooding, she bumped into Joshua while he was working and asked him to get her a waitress uniform so she could go undercover and get behind the scenes with the staff. After that she hitches a ride with Isaac and the two of them try and discover what NorCal is really up to. She seems to know Jaden Bradford, a NorCal employee, and Keith Helm, a survivor of the Capital City disaster.
  • Paige Meyer, known as Kana Nishizaki in Japan, is a sixteen-year-old (fifteen in Japan) student at Del Ray High School (Wealth Hill Commercial High School in Japan). Her classmate, Emily Rose, constantly bullied her during school hours. Emily even locked Paige in a locker right before everyone began to evacuate to the school's gymnasium. Paige must go through a lot, between climbing over ledges and fighting off a deranged teacher, Mr. Savage. Her best ending has Paige forgiving and saving Emily, and the two escape together.
  • Kelly Austin, known as Natsumi Higa in Japan, is a young student teacher at Del Ray High School. She used to live in Capital City where she witnessed her home and everything she loved get destroyed by the ongoing earthquakes and moved to Del Ray to start anew. When the flooding starts she gets trapped under a piano from the school's music room, Paige saves her and the two of them make their way to the evacuation point.
  • Ivan Kozlov, known as Yuji Hayami in Japan, is a researcher for NorCal Pharmaceutical. He finds himself waking up shortly after the minor floodings not knowing where or who he is, with his entire left eye covered in bandages. Sitting at his side is a young woman who he does not know. Throughout his story he learns he is responsible for a biological weapon named "Enchida" and the benefactor being named "Mr. Apolon". His best ending has Ivan finding out the mayor, Goldstein, of the city is Mr. Apolon, and being shot by Goldstein in the stomach, and thrown into the water. Ivan then crawls back up to Goldstein, and destroys Enchida, stopping Goldstein's plans and saving countless lives, but is then shot and killed by the vengeful mayor.
  • Sierra Young, known as Saya Naruse in Japan, meets Ivan when he wakes up. Sierra is David Brazil's girlfriend and apparently knows Ivan through David. Ivan does not remember her because of his amnesia. Sierra asks Ivan to come with her to help her solve the murder of her boyfriend. Ivan agrees and tags along with her. In every ending of Ivan's, she is left either with the dead body of Ivan, or left alone as Ivan escapes, with the ending implying she managed to get out safely.
  • Keith Helm, known as Masayuki Sudo in Japan, is one of the survivors of the earthquake 5 years ago in Capital City (in Disaster Report). This time, he is trying to figure out NorCal's ambitions along with Sophia Briggs. Due to being shot in the leg in the previous game, he walks with a limp and has a cane. He can be seen around the city searching for information about NorCal. Along his investigation he bumps into Amber and Aidan, as well as Isaac. By getting another ending with Joshua, Keith can be controlled, finding out about Goldstein's aforementioned plans, and escaping by helicopter. If any other ending is achieved, Keith stays working on the Goldstein leads, with his fate being left unknown after the flooding of all of Geo City.
  • Mayor Goldstein, known as Soichiro Tanabe in Japan, is the mayor of Del Ray and the recently opened Geo City. It is learned he is responsible for a biological weapon named "Enchida", which several characters try to stop throughout the game. By the game's end, he is either on the run after having his plans and Enchida ruined, with all the data gathered by the characters to provide hard evidence against him, or escapes Del Ray with Enchida intact.
  • Detective Trapp, known as Shigeru Akimoto in Japan, was a senior detective on the Del Ray Police Force. Trapp relentlessly pursues Amber Brazil, without even considering her innocence. Trapp is willing to go to extreme lengths to catch and/or kill Amber, including locking up an entire prison cell block to kill her, and chasing her all around the slowly destroyed city. Trapp is nearly killed twice in confrontations with her, being swept away by a large wave and being caught in a mudslide, and, during his final confrontation, is trapped in a large sinkhole, and is crushed by his police car as the sinkhole collapses.
  • Gary Savage, known as Taizo Henmi in Japan, was a teacher at Del Ray High School. During the outbreak, he has a nervous breakdown and begins chasing Paige in an implied attempt to rape her. Injured by a large wave or being hit by Isaac's taxi, he unsteadily tries to chase Paige over a beam, and falls, drowning in a large flood.
  • Jayden Bradford, known as Shunsuke Negishi in Japan, is a mysterious man whose work relates to NorCal. He unintentionally causes Amber to be arrested, and later helps her kill/imprison Aidan, where it is revealed he tried to help Amber's brother become a whistleblower. He intimidates Isaac into helping him reach Amber, and in the best ending, he is implied to have contributed to David's whistle blowing which had Aidan imprisoned.
  • Reception

    The game received "mixed" reviews according to the review aggregation website Metacritic. In Japan, Famitsu gave it a score of all four sevens for a total of 28 out of 40.


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