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Ralph Weymouth

Ralph Weymouth

Ralph Weymouth is a decorated retired Vice Admiral of the United States Navy and anti-nuclear campaigner.

Weymouth was born in 1917 in Seattle to Ralph Wells Weymouth and his wife Lisbeth Cunningham Sewall. He graduated in 1938 from the United States Naval Academy. During World War II while serving as Commanding Officer of Bombing Squadron 16 (VB-16), on the U.S.S. Lexington, he fought the Japanese Navy in the vicinity of the East Philippine Sea on June 20, 1944. He also served in the Korea and Vietnam Wars.

He was awarded twice Legion of Merit and four times the Distinguished Flying Cross He was also awarded Navy Cross.

During Service in post-war Japan, he became concerned at the effects of nuclear war on the inhabitants of Nagasaki and Hiroshima and became an opponent of nuclear weapons, becoming more active in retirement.

He married Laura Bouchage and had seven children including Tina Weymouth, former bassist for the Talking Heads, and architect Yann R. Weymouth.


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