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Radio producer

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A radio producer oversees the making of a radio show. There are two main types of producer: audio or creative producer and content producer. Audio producers create sounds and audio specifically. Content producers oversee and orchestrate a radio show or feature. The content producer might organize music choices, guests, callers for talk radio or competitions, timings, and overall show content. They also may produce recorded content, from shows to radio commercials and commercial bumpers.

The role of a radio producer may also include that of a board operator or technical operator who may operate the technical controls (sound volume levels, recording software, switchboard, etc.) for another person, the on-air talent. The producer often used to be in a separate control room, usually separated from the radio studio by a window, which allowed visual contact while blocking noise. Nowadays this has changed in some ways.

Some producers involved in the field of radio are also sometimes known as "production directors", "creative producers", "imaging specialists", or even "imaging producers". This type of radio producer primarily creates and produces audio content for a radio station or radio network. Some examples of their work are promos (promotional, commercial-like audio clips), jingles and various other audio clips, better known in the radio business as "imaging".

Many radio stations and station clusters ( regional groups of stations ) have their own production director who may oversee any of the above listed responsibilities daily. Most large radio groups have their own in-house creative production team, who produce audio for more than one station across the group, or even across a country.


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