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Río Tercero explosion

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Start date  November 3, 1995
Río Tercero explosion A 21 aos de la explosin de Ro Tercero Quatro TV Televisin
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The Río Tercero explosion was a blast in Río Tercero, Córdoba, Argentina, on November 3, 1995 that happened at a munitions factory and killed seven people.

Río Tercero explosion 03 de Noviembre Explosin de Ro Tercero Crdoba Efemerides

On that date, a munitions plant in Río Tercero exploded, killing seven people and injuring more than 300. The town was devastated by the explosion. The blast was initially ruled an accident, but subsequent investigations revealed that the explosion was deliberately planned. According to prosecutors, the plant was destroyed to hide missing military equipment relating to illegal arms sales from Argentina to Croatia and Ecuador, which took place from 1991 to 1995.

In August 2008, former Argentine President Carlos Menem was placed under investigation for his role in the blast.

Río Tercero explosion Esta semana empieza el juicio por las explosiones en Ro Tercero
Río Tercero explosion Ro Tercero a 20 aos de la explosin de la Fbrica Militar
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Río Tercero explosion Explosiones Fbrica Militar Ro Tercero YouTube


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