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Kingdom  Fungi
Order  Agaricales
Higher classification  Strophariaceae
Division  Basidiomycota
Family  Strophariaceae
Rank  Genus
Protostropharia httpsc1staticflickrcom43877152138685622b3

Similar  Protostropharia semiglobata, Protostropharia alcis, Strophariaceae, Agaricales, Basidiomycota

Protostropharia, is a coprophilous agaric fungal genus that produces glutinous, mostly yellowish to yellow brown fruit bodies. Characteristically most form chrysocystidia and rather large, smooth, violaceous basidiospores each with a prominent germ pore (as Stropharia subg. Stercophila). It is differentiated from Stropharia by production of astrocystidia on its mycelium rather than by acanthocytes that Stropharia produces. Phylogenetically, Protostropharia is distinct from Stropharia, Pholiota, and Leratiomyces. Two species, P. luteonitens and P. tuberosa form pseudosclerotia in the dung substrates.

Protostropharia California Fungi Protostropharia semiglobata


The name Protostropharia refers to the less anatomically complex astrocystidia (Greek proto-) as compared to the acanthocytes in Stropharia.

Protostropharia California Fungi Protostropharia semiglobata

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Protostropharia Protostropharia Stropharia semiglobata Dung Roundhead


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