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ProDG (Belgium)

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Leader  Clemens Scholzen
Preceded by  PDB-PJU and PDB
Founded  2001 (2001)
Headquarters  Kaperberg 6, 4700 Eupen
Ideology  Christian democracy Regionalism
Political position  Centre (to Centre-right minority)

ProDG (Pro Deutschsprachige Gemeinschaft), is a regionalist and Christian democratic political party active in the German-speaking community of Belgium. The party brings together politicians from the previous Party of German-speaking Belgians (PDB) and PJU parties. The party was formed in 2008 and first featured on the electoral ballot in 2009. Following the 2009 regional election, the party won 4 out of 25 seats in the Parliament and participated in the regional Government of the German-speaking Community of Belgium with two ministers. In the 2014 regional election, the party won 6 seats and its leader Oliver Paasch will become the new minister-president.

The party was formerly a member of the European Free Alliance.

European Parliament

Results for the German-speaking electoral college.


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