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Prince Ali Haider, Emir of Mecca

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Name  Prince Haider,

Prince Ali bin Haider or Prince Ali Haider, Emir of Mecca Arabic: علي حيدر بن حيدر بن جابر was a half Palestinian politician who served as Emir and Grand Sharif of Mecca until his death.

Prince Ali Haider, the son of Prince/Sharif Haider bin Jaber Al Saqqa Al-Hashemi was born in Palestine at the Qara Residence. He has 6 biological brothers, and three unbiological brothers (two sisters and one brother). His father, Sharif and Prince Haider bin Jaber was married twice, the first wife was Saudi Arabian. Prince and Sharif Haider bin Jaber's first son moved to Istanbul, Turkey, and on a visit of his father to Turkey, he met a Russian princess, Annastasia Peterovna, who moved with her family to Turkey after the Russian revolution. Sharif Haider married Annastasia Peterovna, and gave birth to Prince Ali Haider bin Haider bin Jaber and his other five sons.

After the defeat and dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, Prince Haider bin Jaber and his wife moved to live in Palestine, where they gave birth to Prince Ali Haider and got the former Palestinian British mandatory citizenship. After the formulation of Israel, Prince Ali Haider decided to become a politician. He represented Israel at the UN, and then became the Minister of Education until his death.

Prince Ali Haider Bin Haider bin Jaber and his family took the last name of Zahalka due to cultural accidents. He gained much popularity in both Palestine and Israel, and he made a huge fortune. He has four sons, Prince Haitham, Prince Eias and Prince Aktham(Tom) who are all known with the last name of Zahalka. The current Sharif and Emir of Mecca titles holder is Prince Haitham's oldest son, Prince and Sharif Rani bin Haitham Al Saqqa Al Hashemi.


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