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Potonggang Station

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Hangul  보통강역
Revised Romanization  Botonggang-yeok
Owned by  Korean State Railway
Opened  21 March 1944
Connection  Hyŏksin Line (Metro)
Tracks  4
Hanja  普通江驛
McCune–Reischauer  Pot'onggang-yŏk
Address  Pyongyang, North Korea
Owner  Korean State Railway
Platforms in use  3 (1 island)
Potonggang Station
Location  Pulg'ŭn'gori 1-dong, Pot'onggang-guyŏk, P'yŏngyang North Korea
Similar  Konguk Station, Opa Station, Sinanju Chongnyon Station

Pot'onggang Station is a railway station in Pulg'ŭn'gori 1-dong, Pot'onggang-guyŏk, P'yŏngyang, North Korea, on the P'yŏngnam Line of the Korean State Railway. It is also the starting point of the Pot'onggang Branch to P'yŏngyang's marshalling yard, P'yŏngyang Choch'ajang, and on to P'yŏngch'ŏn Station and a number of industries in the area. There are sidings for loading freight from a number of freight houses on the south side of the station.

Local transit transfers can be made from Pot'onggang station to the P'yŏngyang Metro's Kon'guk station on the Hyŏksin Line.

The station was opened on 21 March 1944 by the Chosen Government Railway.


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