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Porta bote

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A portaboat (also foldaboat, foldboat, folding boat, Porta-Boot, or porta-bote, all registered trade marks) is a type of small recreational boat that folds to 4 inches (10.16 centimetres) flat for storage and transport.

The Portaboat was originally invented in 1969. It became popular in the 1980s and 1990s when many boating and fishing enthusiasts started downsizing to condominiums and apartments without storage room for an ordinary boat. The Porta-Bote is lightweight, flexible and extremely strong. The Porta-Bote is made of copolymer polypropylene. These unique features make the Porta-Bote being utilized by professional users such as rescue teams, and as well as leisure users. Over 100.000 units have already been sold worldwide. In 2013, the first completely redesigned Porta-Bote in over 20 years was introduced. It had many changes and improvements including a folding built-in transom. The owner no longer had to insert and remove this part of the boat as it is an integral part. There were many other patentable changes as well.

Porta-Bote International is located in Mountain View, California.


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