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Porta Nuova, Gate of Milan

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Country  Italy
Municipality  Milan
Region  Lombardy
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Construction  12th century (restored in 19th century)

Porta Nuova ([ˈpɔrta ˈnwɔːva]; literally "New Gate") is one of the two medieval gates of Milan that still exist in the modern city (together with the medieval Porta Ticinese). It is sited along the ancient "Navigli Ring" on the perimeter of the medieval walls of the city.

Originally built in the twelfth century, Porta Nuova was restored in the nineteenth century with the insertion of two lateral passages next to the two central arcs and the addition of some ancient Roman steles on the external facade of the gate.

The external facade, overlooking Cavour square (Piazza Cavour), preserve the original appearance with a marble shrine of the Madonna and Child with Saints.


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