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Poochie (toy)

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Creator  Mattel
Poochie (toy) Poochie Stamper Toy By Matel Barbie Toys Remember this and Puppys
Similar  Humphrey B Bear, Strawberry Shortcake, Teddy Ruxpin, Stretch Armstrong, Swift Wind

Poochie was a popular Mattel toy in the 1980s, a white poodle with pink ears and paws that wore a pair of purple sunglasses. An animated special featuring the character was produced by DIC in 1984.

Poochie (toy) Vintage Poochie stamper toy Mattel Poochie dog toy by PeachPod
Poochie (toy) Poochie Stamper Toy By Matel Barbie Giocattoli Ragazze e Francobolli
Poochie (toy) POOCHIE Puppy STAMPER STAMP Vintage 1982 MATTEL Dog TOY Doll PINK
Poochie (toy) wwwghostofthedollcoukToysPoochiePoochiejpg


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