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Ponte Testaccio

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Crosses  Tiber
Total length  122 m
Material  Travertine
Locale  Rome
Construction begin  1938
Width  31 m
Body of water  Tiber
Construction end  1948
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Ponte Testaccio is a bridge that links Largo Giovanni Battista Marzi to Lungotevere Portuense in Rome (Italy), in the Rione Testaccio and in the Quarter Portuense.


The bridge, designed by architect Bastianelli and whose construction began in 1938, was intended to link the lengthening of Viale Aventino to Roma Trastevere railway station through the demolition of the former slaughterhouse; its name should have been Ponte d'Africa. It was inaugurated in 1948.

It shows a single arch and is 122 metres (400 ft) long; four travertine low reliefs decorate its headboards.


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