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Polytechnic Boxing Club

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Polytechnic Boxing Club

The Polytechnic Boxing Club was formed in 1888 in London for amateur boxing. Starting in 1898 the club awarded the Studd trophy, named after Sir John Edward Kynaston Studd. The club was located at 309 Regent Street in London and was a member of the Amateur Boxing Association of England. The building is now part of the University of Westminster.

Notable members

  • Harold Brewer, 1907 ABA Heavyweight Champion.
  • John Elliott (1901–1945), 1924–1925 ABA Middleweight Champion.
  • Pat Floyd, 1946 ABA Heavyweight Champion.
  • Frank Parks (1875–1945) joined in 1892. He was the 1899, 1901–1902, and 1905–1906 ABA Heavyweight Champion.
  • Frederick Parks (Frank's brother) won the bronze medal in Boxing at the 1908 Summer Olympics.
  • Ronald Rawson (1892–1952), 1920–1921 ABA Heavyweight Champion.
  • Dave Thomas, 1957–1959 ABA Heavyweight Champion.
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