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Polystichum luctuosum

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Kingdom  Plantae
Class  Pteridopsida
Family  Dryopteridaceae
Rank  Species
Division  Pteridophyta
Order  Polypodiales
Genus  Polystichum
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Similar  Polystichum californicum, Polystichum scopulinum, Polystichum lemmonii

Polystichum luctuosum is a species of fern known by the common names Korean rock fern and Tsushima holly fern. It is a small, clump-forming, tufted, evergreen to semi-evergreen fern native to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, and Thailand, as well as southern Africa. The fern grows to about 1-1.5 feet in height, with a spread of 1-1.5 feet, with stipe up to 30 cm long, pale to mid-brown, with dark brown to almost black scales, and bi-pinnate, glossy, dark green fronds.


  • Aspidium aculeatum var. pallescens Franch.
  • Aspidium luctuosum Kunze
  • Aspidium tsus-simense Hook.
  • Polystichum falcilobum Ching
  • Polystichum tsus-simense (Hook.) J. Sm.
  • Polystichum tsus-simense var. pallescens Franch.
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