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PolyStation is the name given to many Nintendo Entertainment System hardware clones that closely resembles a Sony PlayStation, particularly the PSone variant. The cartridge slot of these systems is located under the lid which, on an original PlayStation, covers the disc drive.

Variations of the PolyStation

The Polystation consoles are sold under many different names, including PS-Kid, Game Player, PSMan and Play and Power; there are also a number of variations on the Polystation name, such as PolyStation II, PolyStation III and Super PolyStation. Some of these consoles resemble the original PlayStation, others the PSone redesign, and others the PlayStation 2. Recent variations of the PolyStation resemble the PlayStation 3, some of which sold under the name Funstation 3. Some variations include built-in unlicensed games, and in many cases these games are hacked; for example, in one version of Super Mario Bros., Mario is replaced by Pikachu.

Other versions of the console include the PolyStation 2 and 3, which are small versions of the PlayStation 2 and 3 which come with an attachable controller: they have a small LCD screen, and are playable handheld games.


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