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Polynikes is a fictional character in Steven Pressfield's Gates of Fire. He is a Spartan Peer, a champion of his generation. Flawless in looks and peerless in valor, he is the nephew of King Leonidas and a member of the King's Three Hundred Spartans in addition to being an Olympic champion. At the age of 23, he is the youngest winner of two Prizes of Valour. His name in fact can be literally translated as "Many" (poly-) "Victories" (-Nikes). He is also called by his nickname, "Kallistos", which means "beautiful" or "handsome".

In the book, he is a pivotal part of Alexandros' education. He is chosen to go to Thermopylae, having already fathered three sons. He participates in a raid to kill the Persian King, Xerxes. The raid fails and Polynikes helps Alexandros back to Greek lines after his wrist is severed. Polynikes dies during the final stand in a barehanded attack on a Persian chariot officer along with the remaining Spartans.


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