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Polish presidential election, 9 December 1922

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9 December 1922  1922 →
56.01%  43.9%
289  227
Start date  December 9, 1922
Polish presidential election, 9 December 1922 httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu
Winner  Gabriel Narutowicz

The 1922 presidential election was the first Polish presidential election in history.


After acquisition of independence of Poland the head of state was Naczelnik Państwa Józef Piłsudski. In a new constitution adopted by polish Sejm new head of state was to be the President of Republic of Poland going to be choose by the National Assembly (combined Sejm and Senate). After parliamentary election planned the first polish presidential election.

Main probably candidate Józef Piłsudski despite proposals for starting and did not stand in election. He propose a former Prime Minister Wincenty Witos for a president. Witos also refused. Finally Piłsudski supported candidature of Minister of Foreign Affairs Gabriel Narutowicz.

At the time of election the main candidates were count Maurycy Zamoyski, the candidate of National Democracy and Stanisław Wojciechowski, candidate of Polish People's Party "Piast". Narutowicz's good score was a surprise. After the long voting, Zamoyski and Narutowicz advanced to the fifth ballot. Narutowicz finally won the election by the support of "Piast" (Wojciechowski was eliminated on the fourth round).

Narutowicz was sworn in as president on 11 December 1922, but was assassinated just five days later.


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