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Polish National Government (January Uprising)

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Capital  Warsaw Vilnius Kyiv
Legislature  Sejm
Dictator of the Uprising  Karol Majewski (pl)
Polish National Government (January Uprising)
Languages  Polish Old Belarusian Ruthenian Lithuanian
Religion  Roman Catholic Church Belarusian Greek Catholic Church Ruthenian Catholic Church
Government  Polish National Government (January Uprising)

The Polish National Government 1863–64 was an underground Polish supreme authority during the January Uprising, a large scale insurrection during the Russian partition of the former territories of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. It had a collegial form, resided in Warsaw and was headed by Karol Majewski. This was a normal administrative institution with many ministries and departments.

During 1863–1864 it was a real shadow government supported by the majority of Poles who even paid taxes for it, and a significant problem for the Russian secret police (Okhrana). "It organized one of the world's earliest campaigns of urban guerrilla warfare", according to Norman Davies. It became the prototype for the Polish Secret State during World War II.


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