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Plum Creek (Cottonwood River)

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United States of America

Plum Creek (Cottonwood River)

Plum Creek is a 35.4-mile-long (57.0 km) stream near the city of Walnut Grove, Minnesota. It passes to the northwest of the town, flowing northeasterly to the Cottonwood River, with its waters then flowing to the Minnesota River and eventually the Mississippi River. Plum Creek lends its name to a regional library network.


Map of Plum Creek, Minnesota, USA

Walnut Grove, MN: Plum Creek part 2, Video 11


Plum Creek (Cottonwood River) Plum Creek (Cottonwood River)

Plum Creek was so named on account of the wild plum trees along its course.

It is known for being close to the homestead of the Ingalls family of Little House on the Prairie fame, and features in the book On the Banks of Plum Creek. It is also mentioned in the sixth Little House on the Prairie book.


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