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Pinoy Big Brother: 737 – Part 2

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The second part of Pinoy Big Brother: 737 began airing on August 8, 2015, as part of the tenth year season of Big Brother in the Philippines. This is unofficially called a regular edition since this batch of housemates are ages 18 and above. It is hosted by Toni Gonzaga, Bianca Gonzalez, Robi Domingo and Enchong Dee. The show airs on ABS-CBN at 10:00 p.m. (PST) every Mondays to Sundays.


The next set of housemates – the regular housemates – entered on Day 50, the day the four teen finalists left the House. 16 housemates entered this batch, with one cross-over housemate from the previous batch. There was an eviction every week, where one housemate is evicted, with the exceptions of a triple eviction on Day 79, and a week-long challenge that gave a housemate a sure slot in the final four. Two housemates returned to determine who will return to the House as a housemate. Two housemates opted for a voluntary exit. On Day 133, voting opened to determine the winner for this batch. On Day 141, Roger Lucero and Dawn Chang were named third and fourth placers, respectively. On the same day, voting for the remaining two housemates re-opened to determine the winner for this batch.

Miho Nishida emerged as the winner for this batch.


On July 27, 2015, it was announced that a second batch of housemates – regular housemates – will be introduced from August 3 to 7. The housemates will be introduced at different ABS-CBN programs, It's Showtime, TV Patrol, then had their first exclusive interview on Aquino & Abunda Tonight before they formally enter the House. The first six entered on Day 50 while the last six entered the following day. Due to Jyo's voluntary exit, a replacement housemate entered on Day 77. Two housemates entered on Days 80 and 81.

16 housemates entered for this batch. The ages indicated are the housemates' ages when they first entered the House. Origin indicates where the housemates were born or based before joining the program. An italicized name indicates a cross-over housemate from the first part of the season.


Enchong Dee, the first of 3 celebrity houseguests, was carried on from the teen batch onto this batch. He exited on Day 52. Karla Estrada, the second celebrity houseguest, entered on Day 107 and exited on Day 111. The third and final celebrity houseguest is former host, Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla. The four teen finalists, Bailey, Franco, Jimboy, and Ylona, returned on Day 99, but will not compete with the regular housemates at this point. However, they were involved in the nomination process on Day 113. Other houseguests were Enrique Gil, Vice Ganda, Gerald Anderson, Jayson Gainza, Melai Cantiveros, Jason Francisco, Director Jerome Chavez Pobocan, Daniel Matsunaga, Erich Gonzales, Jhong Hilario, Karylle, Anne Curtis, Vhong Navarro, Billy Crawford, Kim Atienza, Coleen Garcia, Ryan Bang, Eric Tai, Teddy Corpuz and Jugs Jugueta.

Chronology of events

As this is still part of one season, 737, week counting and day numbering will continue from the last day of the first batch of housemates. Note that August 8, 2015 is Day 50.

Week 8

Six housemates entered the House on Day 50. Prior to their entry, two housemates, in separate instances, were first chosen by the teen finalists of 737. The housemates they had chosen picked another housemate, while the one picked does the same. The first group who entered the House were Jyo, Roger and Dawn; they were followed by Charlhone, Mikee and Margo. The said housemates entered an almost empty House of which they had carried over from the teen housemates wherein, upon the latter group's last week, the furniture and other things were taken away by ninjas. Instructed by Enchong Dee, their first task was to keep the activity door open and get the lost 65 furniture and place it back inside the House perfectly as based from the House's floor plan. They were only given one hour to finish the task. They were successful in getting all 65 furnitures; however, they failed to place 3 of them in their right positions. On Day 51, the last six housemates, Richard, Krizia, Jessica, James, Miho, and Philip, entered the House. The first five were tasked to play as babies and that the first batch of housemates had to feed and put them to sleep before they can act back normally as adults. Philip, the last to enter, was permitted to bring his son inside the House; his wife was also allowed to enter the House as a special privilege to take care of their baby. In a surprising twist, on Day 52, the housemates were told that the nominations would take place later that day and that they were only allowed to nominate one person; from all 12 of them, Miho was nominated with three points. In the evening, Enchong exited the House secretly.

Week 9

Day 57 saw the official announcement of the first set of nominees, Jessica, Margo, and Miho. Margo saved herself from eviction by winning the Ligtask challenge. On Day 58, after hearing the news of the death of her grandmother, Jessica opted for a voluntary exit. On Day 59, they were given their second weekly task that has something to do with the tenth year celebration of Pinoy Big Brother. Charlhone was also given a punishment for lapel violations and whispering. On Day 63, the housemates and the winners of previous seasons, together with Big Brother, celebrated the show's tenth year with a ball. The second 7 was also revealed to mean that the current housemates and the winners of the franchise will unite to raise P3,000,000 in seven weeks, to be used to build a community of 20 houses for 20 families.

Week 10

On Day 64, James, Krizia, and Margo became the second set of nominees. Krizia was saved from the Ligtask challenge. On Day 66, Mikee was given a task to host an online show for 7 hours and 37 minutes. Every view will have a money equivalent that will be added to the P3,000,000 target fund for their seven-week charity work.

Week 11

On Day 71, Charlhone, Dawn, Jyo, Margo, and Philip became nominated this week. Charlhone was removed from the list after winning the Ligtask challenge. Their fourth weekly task was given on Day 72 that will help them raise money to reach the P3,000,000 target charity fund. 737 teen housemates and previous winners, season 1's Nene Tamayo and first celebrity edition's Keanna Reeves, became servers for the restaurant on Days 74 and 75. On Day 76, through flipping a coin, Jyo opted for a voluntary exit. He informed the boys of his leaving. The boys must help him pack and leave without the girls noticing. He left the House the next day. Voting for the remaining nominees, Dawn, Margo, and Phil, continued. On Day 77, Philip was evicted garnering the least percentage of votes. Tommy entered the House after Philip's exit, replacing Jyo. Miho was given a special task from Big Brother regarding Tommy's entry. For Tommy to be able to enter inside the House, Miho had to answer several questions regarding other housemates' personal lives and open the locks from Tommy.

Week 12

On Day 78, the nomination happened during the morning due to the new twist, Big Yanig. Housemates won the weekly task with the net total amount of P93,385.25, which was earned from the two-day Food Fest. Dawn, Margo, Miho and Richard earned P47,491 while Charlhone, Krizia, Mikee and Roger earned P45,894.25, which gave Dawn, Margo, Miho and Richard immunity from nomination and Charlhone, Krizia, Mikee and Roger an automatic nomination. Because of the new twist, Charlhone, Krizia, Mikee and Roger will face the Ligtask challenge as a group. If Charlhone, Krizia, Mikee and Roger fail the task, only one of them will be saved from eviction at the end of the week; however, if they win, only one of them will be evicted. They were originally given 73 minutes and 7 seconds to win the challenge, but Big Brother gave the safe housemates a task to lengthen the given time by forming a circle and each fusing half of a cylinder, containing two balls, on both hands. The timer stops at the last pair breaking the fusion. 56 minutes and 29 seconds were added, with a total of 129 minutes and 34 seconds to win the task. They failed at accomplishing the task. On the same day, the safe housemates were asked to pick one housemate who they want to save. On Day 79, the eviction process began and the safe housemates were tasked to put on the Ligtas medallion on their chosen housemate. Roger got the most votes with two medallions, leaving Charlhone, Krizia, and Mikee, with one medallion, to be evicted from the House. On Day 80, Zeus entered the House as a dancing statue. On Day 81, Jameson entered the House. On Day 84, ex-housemates Mikee, a wild-card housemate, and Kamille, a cross-over housemate, were asked by Big Brother to re-enter the house but only one of them will get a chance to compete as a regular housemate, with their fate to be decided through public voting.

Week 13

On Day 86, after an overnight voting, Mikee returned to the house. On Day 87, Big Brother gave them a weekly task to make the housemates feel the problems of traffic in the metro these days. On Day 91, as part of their seven-week charity effort, the housemates held a dance concert. The total amount of money that the housemates earned for this week was P175,000.

Week 14

On Day 93, housemates underwent an endurance test to determine the nominees for this week. Jameson, Mikee, Richard, and Roger were the last four standing, and therefore safe from eviction. They chose one housemate from the remaining nominees to save from eviction; they chose Dawn. On Day 94, the boys and girls were separated for their weekly task. The boys were sent to another part of the House, while the girls remained. On Day 95, during a live show, Jameson met with his father for a 100-second encounter. On Day 98 , Margo was evicted after garnering the lowest vote against Miho,Zeus, and Tommy

Week 15

On Day 99, during the first sixth anniversary kickoff of ABS-CBN's variety show It's Showtime at the Smart Araneta Coliseum, Big Brother announced the re-entry of the four teen finalists, Bailey, Franco, Jimboy, and Ylona as houseguests. They will stay in the House until the final night. On Day 105, Mikee was re-evicted with 18.20% of the total votes, the rest of nominees saved from eviction receiving highest number of votes – 63.15% and 18.65%, respectively.

Week 16

On Day 107, Karla, the second of 3 celebrity houseguests, entered the House. On Day 112, Jameson was evicted after garnering the least number of votes against Richard and Zeus receiving 30.9% of the total votes

Week 17

On Day 113, Karla and the Teen Big 4 were instructed by big Brother to create a set of nominees by nominating three housemates with one point each. S-E Voting System returned. On Day 115, Miho was given a task where she will have baking and modelling classes with the children where she will be the teacher. If she succeeded these tasks, she would be able to see her daughter, Aimi. On Day 117, Miho's daughter, Aimi, visited the house as house guest. Richard was given a special task on reporting regarding the issues about the remaining housemates. On Day 119, Richard became the latest evictee garnering -21.25%, which was his net vote during the S-E Voting Result.

Week 18

On Day 122, Aimi left the house. It was announced that there would be a Big Jump to the Big 4, where one regular housemate will ensure his/her spot once he/she wins. Before the series of challenges, the five remaining regular housemates had undergone the nomination, which was choosing who were their personal Big 4. Tommy got the lowest votes, which means he could not join on any challenge in this twist. Dawn and Tommy later had a heated confrontation. Later on, Dawn, Miho, Roger and Zeus participated the series of Big Jump to the Big 4 challenges. Their first challenge was where they should keep their respective boats sinking. The Teen Big 4 chose their partners respectively. Jimboy chose Roger, Franco chose Miho, Bailey chose Zeus and Ylona chose Dawn. Miho was supposed to be eliminated in the 1st challenge, however Zeus violated the rules of the challenge, which made him eliminated in the first round. On the 2nd challenge, Dawn, Miho and Roger had to participate the maze challenge. Dawn's mother, Malyn, Miho's mother, Mercedes, and Roger's wife, Jona, served as guides for them to finish the challenge respectively. Roger lost the challenge. Dawn and Miho were the two remaining housemates who will face the final challenge, where one of them will guarantee a sure spot in the Big 4 for the Regular Housemates. At the end, Dawn was the first housemate who is now part of the Regular Big 4. There was no eviction held during the week.

Week 19

On Day 133, Zeus was evicted garnering least percentage of votes. Miho, Tommy, Dawn and Roger was officially the Regular Big Four. It was also announced that there will be two (2) Big Winners (One from the teens and one from the regulars). In addition to that, it was also announce that the third celebrity houseguest is Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla.

Weekly tasks



Nominated housemates had to compete in challenges in order to save themselves from eviction. In case of ties, no one will be saved.


The housemates had to finish a task within 7 minutes and 37 seconds or 7 hours and 37 minutes.

YouTube Home-made Videos

Regular housemates and the four teen finalists were instructed to make a YouTube video by teams. The teen finalists chose two members for their team. The team with the highest view count will be saved from nomination. Note that the four finalists are not competing housemates at this point, so they are exempted from nominations. Name indicates the housemate got evicted before the results were announced.

Nomination history

In every nomination, each housemate has to nominate two people with the first receiving two points and the second with one point. On Day 78, housemates were asked to vote who they want to stay in the House, as part of the Big Yanig twist. Two ex-housemates were put on public vote on Day 84 to determine who will return to the House. During fifth nominations, Ligtask challenges were not implemented, however it resumed during the sixth nominations. Starting the seventh nominations, Ligtask challenges were no longer implemented.


Houseguests Voting

On Day 113, Big Brother instructed Bailey, Franco, Jimboy, Karla and Ylona to indicate housemates whom they think that they are not deserving to stay. Each houseguest will vote three housemates with one point each.

Save-Evict voting result

Below is the breakdown of votes. This was only implemented during the 8th Eviction Night.

Big Jump to The Big Four

On Day 122, Big Brother gave a challenge that will determine who will be given the first slot in the Big 4. The challenge is composed of four stages. Each stage, one will be eliminated until the last one stands who will have a secured spot.

On Stage 1, housemates voted who should be part of the final four. The housemate with the lowest points will be eliminated. Tommy was eliminated, with only two points. See nomination history for voting history.

On Stage 2, the remaining four housemates were seated inside a sinking ship and, with the help of the four teen finalists, they have to remove the water from the inside to avoid sinking. The housemate who sinks first will be eliminated. Dawn, Miho, Roger, and Zeus became partners with Ylona, Franco, Jimboy, and Bailey, respectively. Miho's boat was the first to sink, but after careful examination by Big Brother, Zeus and Bailey were found to be covering the hole to prevent their boat from sinking, thus a violation of the rules of the challenge. Zeus was disqualified after this stage.

On Stage 3, Dawn, Miho, and Roger have to get a key from a maze on one side of a door. They will use a magnet on the other side to navigate the key. Their loved ones helped them navigate the key through the maze. the housemate with the longest time will be eliminated. Roger lost the challenge, taking him 3 hours and 21 minutes to get the key. Dawn was the lead with 37 minutes, and Miho with 3 hours and 3 minutes.

On Stage 4, Dawn and Miho must hold a flag until the end. The housemate who held it the longest wins. Dawn emerged as the winner of the challenge, and was given the slot.


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