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Pikes (album)

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Released  November 27, 2013
Label  Bucketheadland
Artist  Buckethead
Producer  Dan Monti
Length  32:49
Pikes (2013)  Coat of Charms (2013)
Release date  27 November 2013
Genre  Dark ambient
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Pikes is the sixty-ninth studio album by guitarist Buckethead, and the thirty-fourth installment of the Buckethead Pikes Series. The album was part of a series of thirty pike albums that were released in close succession from one another during 2013.


Speculation about the album arose when Buckethead released the thirty-fifth and sixth installments of the series Thank you Ohlinger's and The Pit simultaneously skipping Pike altogether without giving any explanation about the missing album. As time passed, Buckethead continued to release subsequent installments of the series without mentioning "Pike 34" until November 27 when the album was finally released digitally with a limited edition version consisting of 300 copies of an untitled white album signed by Buckethead himself to be released on December 10. As such, Pikes became the second album of the series not to have been announced chronologically (the first one being Pike 13).

The album is a continuation to the previous chronological album in the series Pumpkin as it is seen on the track numeration and cover theme and title. Pikes was signed with orange ink instead of the traditional black ink used in the previous limited editions.

A standard edition was announced but has not yet been released.

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1Pumpkin Pikes 196:00
2Pumpkin Pikes 205:03
3Pumpkin Pikes 213:48


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