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Kingdom  Animalia
Family  Lampyridae
Scientific name  Photuris
Phylum  Arthropoda
Order  Beetle
Superfamily  Elateroidea
Subfamily  Photurinae
Higher classification  Photurinae
Rank  Genus
Photuris Biologists Expose Hidden Costs Of Firefly Flashes Risky Balance

Similar  Firefly, Photinus, Insect, Beetle, Photuris pensylvanica

Evolution or design the lantern of the photuris firefly

Photuris is a genus of fireflies (beetles of the family Lampyridae). These are the femme fatale lightning bugs of North America. This common name refers to a behavior of the adult females of these predatory beetles: they engage in aggressive mimicry, imitating the light signals of other firefly species' females to attract, kill, and eat the males. Their flashing bioluminescent signals seem to have evolved independently and eventually adapted to those of their prey, mainly unrelated Lampyrinae, such as Photinus (rover fireflies) or Pyractomena.

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The Pennsylvania lightning bug (P. pensylvanica) is the state insect of Pennsylvania.

Species include:

  • Photuris caerulucensBarber
  • Photuris cinctipennisBarber, 1951
  • Photuris congenerLeConte, 1852
  • Photuris divisaLeConte, 1852
  • Photuris fairchildiBarber
  • Photuris frontalisLeConte, 1852
  • Photuris lucicrescensBarber, 1951
  • Photuris pensylvanicaDe Geer, 1774
  • Photuris quadrifulgens
  • Photuris tremulansBarber, 1951
  • Photuris versicolorFabricius, 1798

  • Photuris Lured and liquidated gullible male fireflies supply 39femmes fatales

    There are at least 64 recognized species, all restricted to temperate North America. They mainly occur from the east coast to Texas.

    Photuris Photuris pennsylvanicus the Pennsylvania Firefly is one of almost
    Photuris Lured and liquidated gullible male fireflies supply 39femmes fatales

    Photuris Photuris

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