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Kingdom  Animalia
Scientific name  Philopteridae
Higher classification  Ischnocera
Order  Louse
Suborder  Ischnocera
Phylum  Arthropoda
Rank  Family
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Lower classifications  Saemundssonia, Poultry wing louse

The Philopteridae are a family of Ischnocera, chewing lice mostly parasitic on birds.

The taxonomy and systematics of the group are in need of revision; the Philopteridae are almost certainly paraphyletic.

Selected genera

Some notable species are also listed.

  • Acutifrons
  • Austrophilopterus
  • Brueelia
  • Campanulotes
  • Columbicola
  • Columbicola extinctus
  • Degeeriella
  • Docophorulus
  • Formicaphagus
  • Formicaricola
  • Halipeurus
  • Harrisoniella
  • Harrisoniella hopkinsi
  • Nyctibicola
  • Penenirmus
  • Philopterus
  • Rallicola Johnston & Harrison, 1911
  • Rallicola extinctus
  • Saemundssonia
  • Strigiphilus
  • Strigiphilus garylarsoni
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