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Philipp zu Hohenfelden

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Portrayed by  Stephan Käfer
Other names  Prince Philipp
Duration  2010-2011
Parents  Trutz zu Hohenfelden
First appearance  Episode 3611 May 7, 2010
Occupation  Executive director of the Jana-von-Lahnstein Stiftung Former con artist
Last appearance  Episode 3920; September 9, 2011
Similar  Nico von Lahnstein, Helena von Lahnstein, Jana von Lahnstein, Arno Brandner, Maria di Balbi

Philipp zu Hohenfelden is a fictional character of the German soap opera Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love). The character was played by Stephan Käfer from May 7, 2010 to September 9, 2011.

Prince Philipp is the best friend of Tristan von Lahnstein and a con artist, who uses the wealth of older women to finance his lifestyle. While married to the vicious Antonia Weber, Philipp has an affair with Lady Joan. The aristocratic lady soon learns about Philipp's real interest in her and leaves him - after she conned him. Philipp soon develops interest in Nico von Lahnstein and starts to fall in love with her. But Antonia is determined to prohibit this love from happening. As she can't stop interfering in Philipp and Nico's life, Philipp wants to talk to her - only to find her dead in her hotel room. The prince is now wanted for murder and the press starts a persecution on him. Nico tries to stay by his side, but in between has her own doubts about Philipp's innocence. In the end, Nico starts fighting for her man and can clear him from the murder charge.

The two get legally married and want to take a trip around the world. But family problems keep Nico from going away and as the day of their departure comes near, Philipp has a life-changing accident. He's a victim in a hit-and-run by Helena von Lahnstein, Nico's cousin, and fights for his life. Nico wakes by his bedside, while Helena impends to break down over her guilt. Philipp starts recovering and is released out of the hospital, but is ordered to take things slowly. As he plans a romantic surprise for Nico, Philipp breaks down in front of a garden with red roses. As Helena and her boyfriend Andi Fritzsche find him, he's rushed to the hospital; falling into a coma. Fearing that he may never wake up again, Nico and Philipp's father Trutz try to find help in a special clinic in Munich.

On September 8, after he was declared to be brain death, Nico decided to cut the life support system that kept him alive. Eventually after Philipp's death, Nico finds out that her cousin Helena is responsible. Helena condemned to social hours in a hospital, while Nico can't believe that Helena can go on with her life like nothing happened. Together with her brother Ansgar, Nico plans to take revenge on Helena.


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