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Peugeot Type 68

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Manufacturer  Peugeot
Class  mid-sized car
Production  1905
Layout  FR layout

The Peugeot Type 68 is an early motor car produced by the French auto-maker Peugeot at their Audincourt plant during 1905. 276 were produced.

There were three different version of the Type 68 listed. Type 68A and Type 68B were propelled using a single-cylinder 883 cc four-stroke engine, mounted ahead of the driver. A maximum of 8 hp of power was delivered to the rear wheels by means of a rotating drive-shaft. The Type 68C was similarly powered except that the single-cylinder engine had a capacity of 987 cc.

The car sat on a 2,000 mm (78.7 in) wheelbase. The open carriage Tonneau format body offered space for four as did the covered carriage format Phaeton / Torpedo bodied version. In retrospect the car can be seen as Peugeot’s first Torpedo bodied car, although the classification is anachronistic since the term “Torpedo” to describe a car body was coined only in 1908. Buyers opting for the larger engined Type 68C had the chance to specify a racing car body.


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