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Meaning  "son of Peter"
Related names  Petersen Petterson
Region of origin  Scandinavia

Pettersson is a common Swedish patronymic surname, meaning "son of Peter".

Pettersson may refer to:

  • Albert Pettersson, Swedish Olympic weightlifter
  • Aline Pettersson, Mexican writer
  • Allan Pettersson, composer
  • Allan Rune Pettersson, writer
  • Birgitta Pettersson, film actor
  • Bjarne Pettersson, Danish football player
  • Carl Pettersson, golfer
  • Christer Pettersson, suspected assassin
  • Erik Pettersson (bandy), Swedish bandy player
  • Erik Pettersson (weightlifter), Swedish Olympic weightlifter
  • Erik Pettersson (cyclist), Swedish Olympic cyclist
  • Fredrik Pettersson, ice hockey player
  • Gert Pettersson, orienteer
  • Göran Pettersson, politician
  • Gösta Pettersson, road racing cyclist
  • Hans Pettersson, Swedish atomic physicist and oceanographer
  • Ingvar Pettersson, athlete
  • Joel Pettersson, painter and writer
  • Johan Pettersson (footballer), football player
  • Jörgen Pettersson (footballer), football player
  • Jörgen Pettersson (ice hockey), ice hockey player
  • Katja Pettersson, Finnish designer
  • Kim Pettersson, musician
  • Kjell-Ronnie Pettersson, ice hockey player
  • Leif Pettersson, politician
  • Linus Pettersson, bandy player
  • Marina Pettersson, politician
  • Pelle Pettersson, Swedish yachtsman and yacht designer
  • Per-Anders Pettersson, photojournalist
  • Rolf Pettersson, orienteer
  • Ronald Pettersson, ice hockey player
  • Ronney Pettersson, football player
  • Stefan Pettersson (footballer), football player
  • Stefan Pettersson (ice hockey), ice hockey player
  • Sten Pettersson, athlete
  • Sven Pettersson, ski jumper
  • Sven-Pelle Pettersson, swimmer and water polo player
  • Wivan Pettersson, swimmer
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