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Petrel (reservoir software)

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Developer(s)  Schlumberger
Development status  Active
Type  Seismic to simulation
Stable release  2015 / June 26, 2015
Operating system  Microsoft Windows
License  Proprietary

Petrel is a software platform used in the exploration and production sector of the petroleum industry. It allows the user to interpret seismic data, perform well correlation, build reservoir models, visualize reservoir simulation results, calculate volumes, produce maps and design development strategies to maximize reservoir exploitation. Risk and uncertainty can be assessed throughout the life of the reservoir. Petrel is developed and built by Schlumberger.



Petrel software was developed in Norway by a company called Technoguide. Technoguide was formed in 1996 by former employees of Geomatic, some of whom were key programmers involved in the early development of RMS. Petrel was developed specifically for PCs and the Windows OS, it was commercially available in 1998. Petrel was developed to have a familiar Microsoft like interface, with a pre-arranged workflow that enabled less experienced user to follow, Technoguide made 3D geologic modeling more accessible to all subsurface technical staff, even those without specialist training. In 2002, Schlumberger acquired Technoguide and the Petrel software tools and they currently support and market Petrel. Newer versions of Petrel include additional functionality such as geological modeling, seismic interpretation, uncertainty analysis, well planning, and links to reservoir simulators.

Version History

  • Petrel Version 2007.1
  • The Petrel 2007.1 release expands the application’s seismic-to-simulation scope with greater capabilities for exploration workflows. Petrel software now handles large-scale seismic surveys and regional scale 2D lines. Fracture modeling and dual porosity capabilities support carbonates and unconventional gas workflows. Real-time updates are available through WITSML, the industry standard data delivery mechanism. Petrel 2007.1 software was built on the Ocean framework which allows 3rd parties, universities, oil companies and other parts of Schlumberger to code directly into Petrel.

  • Petrel Version 2008.1
  • Released in March 2008. Major enhancements include support for hydraulic fractures, sector modeling, multi-threading of several modeling processes, and improvements to the 3D seismic autotracking workflows. A major re-working of the volume rendering and extraction module now allows users to interactively blend multiple seismic volumes, isolate out areas of interest and then instantly extract what is seen into a 3D object called a geobody. In essence this is “what you see is what you pick”. Extracted 'geobodys' can be sampled directly into the geological model.

  • Petrel Version 2009.1
  • Released in February 2009 this is the first version of Petrel to be fully 64bit and to run on Microsoft's Window Vista 64 bit OS. This brings large performance benefits to users especially those working in exploration or with large seismic volumes and geological models. Other enhancements include a new type of Seismic Inversion called Genetic Inversion based on a non-linear multi-trace approach. Multipoint geostatistics, completions modeling, automated fault polygon generation and a new synthetic seismogram package called Seismic-Well-Tie

  • Petrel Version 2010.1
  • Released in May 2010. Major enhancements include a new structural modeling workflow enabling the user to build water tight structural models while interpreting. Other enhancements include improvements to the fracture modeling, multipoint geostatistics, and the volume interpretation workflows. This version also integrates Petromod for petroleum systems modeling and RDR's advanced structural and fault analysis module enabling an integrated approach to exploration to analysis Trap, Seal, Reservoir, & Charge in the same place. Building on the Ocean framework this release coincided with the release of the Ocean Store and online store where users can download plugins for Petrel. You can contribute your plugin to Petrel software.


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