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Perino Model 1908

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Type  Machine gun
Wars  World War I
Designed  1901
Place of origin  Kingdom of Italy
Designer  Giuseppe Perino
Perino Model 1908

Used by  Kingdom of Italy Austria-Hungary

The Perino Model 1908 was an early machine gun of Italian origin designed earlier in 1901 by Giuseppe Perino, an engineer (Tecnico dell'Artiglieria). Perino's design apparently was the first Italian-designed machine gun, and in its original configuration weighed in at a heavy 27 kilograms (60 lb), which made it largely unsuitable to field utilization and apt only for fortifications; a lightened 1910 version brought the weight down to 34 pounds (15 kg). The gun was nonetheless adopted by the Regio Esercito and saw some use alongside the Fiat-Revelli Modello 14 and the Maxim guns.


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