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Perineal nerve

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From  pudendal nerve
Dorlands /Elsevier  n_05/12566429
FMA  21866
Latin  nervi perineales
TA  A14.2.07.039
Perineal nerve

Innervates  Transversus perinei superficialis Bulbospongiosus Ischiocavernosus

The perineal nerve is a nerve arising from the pudendal nerve that supplies the perineum.


The perineal nerve is the inferior and larger of the two terminal branches of the pudendal nerve, is situated below the internal pudendal artery.

It accompanies the perineal artery and divides into two branches:

  • Superficial perineal nerves, becoming posterior scrotal nerves in men and posterior labial nerves in women
  • Deep branch of the perineal nerve (also known as "muscular")
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